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About Us

West Michigan Hearing Specialists is an independent, community-oriented hearing facility founded in 2002 on clinical expertise and experience.  Whether you have been dealing with a long-term hearing loss or have just recently developed concerns with your ability to hear and understand, we are here to help. 

Our goal at West Michigan Hearing Specialists is to provide the ultimate hearing healthcare experience to every patient who passes through our doors.  We administer comprehensive audiological evaluations which will provide patients with a full picture of their current hearing ability.  If a hearing loss is identified, we will then proceed with a thorough complimentary hearing aid evaluation.  We will determine the best hearing aid technology for each individual, and we will discuss each patient’s degree of hearing loss, lifestyle, and specific personal needs. 

We understand hearing is very subjective and individualistic, and our highly skilled staff is here to help you through this process.  For some, the initial step towards addressing your hearing healthcare may be overwhelming.  Therefore, we will take the time necessary to educate you and your loved ones and lend the emotional support needed to achieve improved hearing and communication abilities. 

Unlike hearing aid retailers and big-box outlets, our audiology expertise does not stop at the hearing aid selection and initial fitting step.  We utilize our years of education and training, along with completing continuing educational audiology courses, to design a comprehensive, patient-centered plan of action for each patient.   We believe ongoing, comprehensive counseling and training, along with periodic adjustments, cleanings, and verification of your hearing instruments functionality, are vital to our patients continued satisfaction with their investment in better hearing.  

Our staff at West Michigan Hearing Specialists looks forward to developing long-term relationships with each of our patients. 

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